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IDOA rules would ignore damage caused by volatile, drifting pesticide

The Illinois Department of Agriculture announced on Wednesday the release of permanent rules regulating the use of dicamba, a volatile, toxic pesticide, on soybeans grown in the state. The new rules, first implemented last year and now made permanent, prohibit the application of dicamba on soybeans above certain temperatures and wind speeds, factors that can contribute to greater drift incidents. After implementing similar rules last year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found no reduction in dicamba drift complaints.

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Illinois Top Ten Consumer Financial Complaint Issues 2021 In the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Public Consumer Complaint Database

Illinois PIRG Education Fund download of complaints in 2021 ranked by issue selected by the consumer to describe the problem they were having with a company in a complaint product category.

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State Senators, consumer advocates: Illinois Department of Insurance should investigate car insurance overcharges

Sixteen state Senators and nine advocacy organizations sent a letter Thursday to the Illinois Department of Insurance, asking the department to investigate how much insurance companies overcharged Illinois drivers during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hurricane Ida is projected to make landfall in Louisana late Sunday. Residents can start thinking now about how to protect themselves from opportunists and scam artists.

T-Mobile Data Breach: Tips to protect yourself

By | Teresa Murray
Consumer Watchdog

The hackers say they have personal data on 100 million people. Long before this breach, you should have assumed some or all of your personal information was compromised

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Consumer tips: What families should know about child tax credit payments that start July 15

Starting Thursday, many families with children under 18 will start getting monthly payments as part of the American Rescue Plan that became law this spring. Eligible families will get payments every month through December by direct deposit or by paper checks or preloaded debit cards that come in the mail. These payments will add up to half the child tax credit you should be entitled to for 2021; you can claim the rest next year when you file your tax return.


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