Media Hit

Illinois Government Transparency Advocates Urge Against Veto Override Of 'Bad' FOIA Bill

"Government transparency advocates are urging the Illinois General Assembly to opt against overriding Gov. Pat Quinn's recent veto of a bill that would "damage" the state's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)."

Media Hit | Tax

Guest Column: Walgreens: Europe’s neighborhood drugstore?

Recent reports indicate that Walgreens, our neighborhood drugstore that’s been proudly based in Illinois for 113 years, may be changing its address to Europe to avoid paying its fair share of taxes.

Media Hit | Public Health

Overuse of antibiotics leads to ineffectiveness

Letter to the Editor in Chicago Tribune: President Barack Obama should not wait another day to protect public health, and should act now to ban the misuse of antibiotics on factory farms.

Media Hit | Democracy

Guest Column: Same-day voter registration could help curb political corruption rate

Same Day Registration (SDR) would let all citizens in Illinois register and vote at any Early Voting and Election Day polling location. Four of the five states with the highest voter turnout in 2012 offered SDR. The average voter turnout rate was more than 10 percent higher in states with SDR than in other states.

Media Hit | Tax

Close corporate tax loopholes

"Many U.S.-based multinationals, which do their business here in the U.S. using our infrastructure and educated workforce, can make profitsearned here appear on the books in offshore tax havens. This tax haven abuse costs us $90 billion each year."


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