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Alice Henry

"The news of Dr. Abraham Borbor’s passing is upsetting, as are all the deaths at the hands of a virus with no definite cure. Unfortunately, Ebola is not the only infection without a cure; bacterial infections that have had cures for decades are at risk of afflicting our societies again, because of the rise in antibiotic resistance. Superbugs are more prevalent than ever: the CDC reported 2 million cases of antibiotic resistant infections last year, with 23,000 deaths. This is in large part because most antibiotics sold in this country are not given to sick humans. They are given to healthy livestock. Without support for the too long delayed Congressional bills on antibiotics, PAMPTA and PARA, the dangerous practice of feeding livestock antibiotics to fatten them up and compensate for sickening living conditions will continue. It will continue to endanger us and those we love. I hope people will join me in IllinoisPIRG’s action calling on the Obama administration to stop this reckless antibiotic overuse so we never have to know what an epidemic without a cure feels like."

Alice Henry, West Rogers Park

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