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Adam Garber, the PIRG consumer watchdog, was shocked when he discovered recalled baby rockers at his infant son's day care this June.

"They were still using the Fisher-Price Rock 'n Plays, which were recalled back in April," Garber told ABC Action News. He immediately alerted the day care to the recall and the Rock 'n Plays have since been removed. But the incident reveals the fundamental flaws in our recall system.

"We do a great job, for the most part, of preventing the sale of devices or products that have been recalled, but we have a long way to go to remove them from people's homes and child care facilities," Garber said in the interview. "So we started to survey childcare providers around the country to understand how widespread the continued use of these rock 'n play sleepers are as well as other recalled sleepers.

See the survey results here.

Photo Caption: "I trust that when I send my kid to the child care facility that he's going to be safe, and I know that the day care wants them to be safe as well, so I was surprised, really, to see them there," Adam Garber told ABC Action News. Photo Credit: ABC Action News

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