Illinoisans are clamoring for McDonald's and its meat suppliers to curb their use of antibiotics in cattle and hog farming.

A bill introduced by state Sen. Daniel Biss to limit the use of antibiotics on factory farms has received amplified recognition in the wake of U.S. PIRG's report highlighting the issue, "Chain Reaction IV." Sen. Biss is also joining Illinois PIRG in calling on Chicago-based McDonald's restaurants to take the lead in phasing out routine antibiotics.

"This bill goes above and beyond federal guidelines that fail to prohibit the use of routine antibiotics on factory farms, including on animals that aren't even sick," said Illinois PIRG State Director Abe Scarr. "Illinois can join Maryland and California as a leader when it comes to protecting our life-saving medicines."

McDonald's has indicated that it is willing to set goals for phasing out routine antibiotics in its meat supply chain, and Sen. Biss and Illinois PIRG are working hard to continue that conversation.

Read more about the bill and Sen. Biss' work here. 

Photo Caption: The routine use of antibiotics on livestock is one of the most pressing threats to our life-saving medicines in the United States. 

Photo Credit: Public Domain via Max Pixel