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Abe Scarr
Illinois PIRG State Director

It is critical that Illinois take action to build our 100% renewable energy future. Because this action is so important, and because the omnibus legislation contains many critical policies we support, I am disappointed to write in opposition to SB2408, which fails to end key formula rates harms by continuing to guarantee utility profits through a policy known as an annual reconciliation.

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Teresa Murray
Consumer Watchdog

Here are some tips to avoid scams and stay safe in the days and weeks ahead.

It’s the plastics industry’s worst-kept secret: a huge percentage of their products are designed to be used once then thrown away -- and yet it’s us, the consumers, who are left to pay for the cleanup.

Amazon’s new policy comes at a time when courts have been asked the question who is responsible for defective products when they are bought from an online platform that is acting as the go-between for the seller and the purchaser.